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Greg F. Gifune’s CHILDREN OF CHAOS Released In Paperback

There’s been a lot of renewed interest from Hollywood for the classic novel originally published by Delirium Books in 2009.  DarkFuse has now released Children of Chaos as a paperback to coincide with the Kindle edition.

Children of Chaos

In a torrential downpour, Phil, Jamie and Martin—three teenage boys—encounter a strange and enigmatic man covered in horrible scars who will change their lives, their destinies and the very fate of their souls forever. When their encounter mistakenly leads to murder, they realize this eerie stranger may not have been a man at all, but something much more…

Thirty years later the boys—now men—lead tormented lives filled with horrifying memories of the scarred man and what they did all those years ago in the rain. Phil is a struggling writer, divorced, with a daughter and a mounting drinking problem. Jamie is a defrocked priest with depraved secrets and horrible addictions, and Martin, a madman who thinks himself a god, has vanished into a desolate desert region of Mexico and established a feared and violent blood cult. When Martin’s dying mother hires Phil to find her son and bring him home, Phil embarks on a perilous journey that will take him from the seedy streets of Tijuana, to a dangerous and allegedly haunted stretch of desert Mexican road known as The Corridor of Demons. At the end of the road, in an old and previously abandoned church, Martin and his followers wait in the Hell-on-Earth they’ve created deep in the desert. There will be only one chance for redemption, one chance for salvation, and one chance to stop the rise of an antichrist’s bloody quest for demonic power.

From the void, came chaos. These are its children.

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Thompson’s IT’S ONLY DEATH Kindle Countdown Deal

For the next few days, Lee Thompson’s Kindle edition of It’s Only Death is on sale for only $0.99 / £0.99 at Amazon.

It's Only Death

Six years ago James blew town after killing his cop-father in a bank job gone bad. When his sister informs him that their mother’s health is fading fast, he returns home, wanting to make peace with her before she passes.

But James quickly finds there is little peace left for him at his childhood home.

His father’s old partner has been biding his time, waiting for a chance at retribution, and finally discovers James is back. But he’s only one of the many shady characters James must face if he is to survive the next few days.

Not only must James survive his return, he must also face the devastation he left behind, the shattered pieces of what remained of his life before he was forced to run.

Now his days on the run are over.

Upon the edge of reckoning, James’s past comes full circle to the final showdown with his personal demons and the devils that are closing in.

It’s Only Death is an explosive, gritty tale of urban crime and one man’s descent into the nightmares in the darkest recesses of our society.

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Free For Fridays 11/20/15

On certain Fridays each month, DarkFuse offers ‘Free For Fridays’ to spotlight a title or two.  These offers are for a limited time and for Kindle only.  Here is today’s free selection(s):

The Fading Place

Charlie Van Houten is a single mother running the usual weekend errands with her beautiful baby girl Haley, until a delusional gun-wielding woman named Simone takes them hostage in their own car. As they make their way to an unknown final destination, and Simone’s paranoia spirals further out of control, Charlie must stop a different kind of monster from taking away all that she loves.

“In The Fading Place, Mary SanGiovanni brings the reader into every parent’s nightmare and captures the emotions with stunning realism.” —Josef Hernandez, Examiner

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Limited Hardcover Preorders: Michael McBride + David Bernstein

SkinnerTwo new limited hardcover offerings have been added to our shop tonight, both limited to only 100 copies produced. Reserve them for your library today!

SKINNER by David Bernstein

For six close friends, a weekend away turns deadly when their vehicle skids off the road and crashes in a remote part of the Adirondack Mountains.

In the direct path of a blizzard, they are hurt, cold and scared, wondering if they’ll make it through the night. But the group’s luck seemingly changes when they take refuge in a small cabin.

Their plan is simple: wait for the storm to pass. But there is something else out there that has its own plans for them.

Invade. Reveal secrets. Invoke madness. Make enemies out of friends. Create chaos. And shed blood.

“Fast-paced, cinematic, and excellent. Horror fans gather around, it’s time for another chilling tale from David Bernstein.”  —Keith Deininger, author of Within and Ghosts of Eden

“A harrowing, brutal thriller, Skinner is Bernstein at his best!” —Peter Giglio, author of Shadowshift


Snow-blind 2SNOWBLIND II: THE KILLING GROUNDS by Michael McBride

There are some places man was never meant to go.

For the past seven years, John Avery has been combing the wilderness for any sign of his missing girlfriend, who set out upon the ski trip of a lifetime and was never seen again.

Regions utterly isolated by geography and time.

The discovery of a video camera prompts Sheriff Wayne Dayton to dispatch a search party into one of the most remote areas of the Rockies in hopes of learning her fate.

Where few species can survive.

When a freak blizzard strikes, they find themselves wandering blindly into the killing grounds of a predator they can’t even see.


THE WARDS Serial Novella

For the next 14 days, DarkFuse will be publishing The Wards by Alan Ryker in its online magazine.  Part 1 of 14 is now live!


Elizabeth doesn’t feel in control of her own life, which is probably why she enjoys the life-simulation game The Wards so much. In a dark room, she stares at a monitor watching a miserable wretch. It’s one of her creations, a woman tormented beyond sanity’s threshold. Elizabeth feels no responsibility, no remorse, because she think it’s just a game, without real consequences.

But The Wards is much more than just a game.

Elizabeth has created a twisted new world filled with broken beings and she is now trapped there and must find a way to escape before her creations realize that she, their cruel god, walks among them.


DarkFuse Magazine is available for subscription for only $12 annually.  Or, you can get it for free by joining the DarkFuse Kindle Book Club!


Cooper’s DARK FATHER Kindle Countdown Sale

For the next few days, James Cooper’s Kindle edition of Dark Father is on sale for only $0.99 / £0.99 at Amazon.

Dark Father

What drives a violent husband and dysfunctional father to pursue his wife and son across a moonlit English landscape?

What compels a troubled man to rebuild his broken family, constructing a fractured reality of hollow promises and false hope?

What forces an old man suffering from a rare mental disorder to reconcile the terror of the past with the daily torment of being locked in a mental hospital where everyone he sees bears the face of his father?

The answers lie in a disturbing journey of suffering and harrowing self-discovery.

Evil has many fathers…

Dark Father is a wonderful piece of writing that satisfies on every level.” —Dark Musings

“…Keeps the tension ratcheted up to a frantic level.” —Examiner

“An emotional roller coaster that leads to the darkest corners of the human soul…an amazing story with extremely well-developed characters and a plot so full of twists and turns that I was anticipating each new page.” —The Haunted Bookshelf

“This is truly dig-beneath-the-bone disturbing; it gave me a feeling similar to Michael Haneke’s Funny Games (without the postmodern tricks)…It does what the best dark fiction should do: conjure terror from plausible episodes, from characterisation that rings true…A great, great book.” —Gary Fry, author of Conjure House


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Free For Fridays 11/13/15

On certain Fridays each month, DarkFuse offers ‘Free For Fridays’ to spotlight a title or two.  These offers are for a limited time and for Kindle only.  Here is today’s free selection(s):


Driving home one day from a conference, Daryl seeks a shortcut through a barren countryside. He chances upon a mysterious village whose residents seem rather odd. But they have something to show him—a creature so strange he can hardly believe it exists.

And that’s only the beginning of Daryl’s problems, as he seeks to escape something far worse than he can ever imagine.

Something utterly horrific and extremely savage.

Savage will stimulate the intellect whilst at the same time providing an entertaining read.” —Dark Musings


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Kindle Countdown Sale: ASH AND BONE by Lisa von Biela

For a select few days, you can add Lisa von Biela’s Ash and Bone to your Kindle library for only $0.99 / £0.99!

“A tale that packs a powerful punch.” —Examiner

Ash and Bone

Every town hides secrets…and Cromwell Bay is no exception.

Eileen Maroni is running from her past, but she envisions a new life in the tough little fishing village, where no one knows who she is—including the police.

Frank Foster just buried his best friend, and is struggling to come to terms with the devastating loss and his own self-doubt.

Nothing will ever be the same for them again when their paths cross at the Harbor Motel, and they learn what lies behind the door of room #8.

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BLOCKBUSTER by Lisa von Biela (Kindle eBook)   BROKEN CHAIN by Lisa von Biela (Kindle eBook)   SKINSHIFT by Lisa von Biela (Kindle eBook)   THE GENESIS CODE by Lisa von Biela (Kindle eBook)   THE JANUS LEGACY by Lisa von Biela (Kindle eBook)


DarkFuse Announces 2016 Publication Schedule & New Kindle Subscription

It will be another great year of releases in 2016 from DarkFuse and its authors.

DarkFuse continues to evolve and adapt to the new marketplace.  Many changes have been made in the last few weeks and months to strengthen the company and its market share in dark fiction. Alterations in its Kindle book club subscription will be announced here as well as a refocus on getting titles into the hands of collectors in 2 different limited edition lines.



eBook subscribers have preferred getting their titles delivered via Amazon, and DarkFuse will be making this happen in 2016.

Purchase a 1-year DarkFuse Kindle subscription and you’ll get 1 featured new release novel delivered to you through Amazon each month. Also, you’ll get at least 12 other new releases (novels, novellas, anthologies, or collections) delivered directly to you by DarkFuse in MOBI format for Kindle. The combined cover price of this package is $95.76 per year! Subscription cost is only $45. You save more than 50%!

Note: DarkFuse will deliver the free (non-featured) eBooks directly to customers via secure download. If you don’t want the hassle of transferring files to your Kindle, please select the option to have the non-featured titles delivered directly from Amazon as well (for an additional $15).

This subscription comes with a 1-year web subscription to DarkFuse Magazine plus access to the book club community.  All Kindle eBook members with current active subscriptions will have their memberships extended into 2016.

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In 2016, DarkFuse will produce two types of signed, limited edition hardcover books:

1) Limited Edition Line: 100-copy print runs, bound in buckram with foil stamp cover and spine and wrapped with a full color laminated dust jacket and protector. These are signed by author and numbered on signature page. Eight of these volumes are produced each year. These sell for $50.

2) Signature Series: 52-copy prunt runs, bound in a deluxe cloth with foil stamp cover and spine and wrapped with a full color laminated dust jacket and protector. These are signed by author and numbered on signature page. Only four of these volumes are produced each year. To denote the series, the author’s signature is foil stamped into the cover below the art. These sell for $99.

Here are the titles that have been released for preorder to collectors for the signature series:

1) Devil’s Breath by Greg F. Gifune (Sold Out)—Ships in December
2) The Incurables by Jon Bassoff (Sold Out)—Ships in January

We’ve listened to collectors who wished to keep their numbers in the past book club format, so we’ve kept production of the 100-copy limited edition hardcovers with every featured title except for the titles that will be in the Signature Series.

There will be no pre-paid subscription going forward, but DarkFuse will offer numbers to collectors based on the purchase of the last title in both the 100-copy limited line and 52-copy signature series.

DarkFuse will also continue its mini-hardcover format for some of its novella releases.

Interested in purchasing DarkFuse limited editions? Join our newsletter to be alerted when copies become available.


nausea unit731

Below is the tentative release schedule for 2016 which lists only the featured novels to be published each month. Each month there will be an additional novella, novel, collection or anthology that will be given free to all Kindle book club members:

January: Nausea by Ed Kurtz
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 100-copy Limited Hardcover ($50.00)

February: After the Fog Clears by Lee Thompson
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 100-copy Limited Hardcover ($50.00)

March: Babylon Terminal by Greg F. Gifune
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Signature Series Hardcover ($99.00)

April: Eat the Night by Tim Waggoner
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 100-copy Limited Hardcover ($50.00)

May: Siren of Depravity by Gary Fry
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 100-copy Limited Hardcover ($50.00)

June: Fungoid by William Meikle
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Signature Series Hardcover ($99.00)

July: Covenant by Allan Leverone
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 100-copy Limited Hardcover ($50.00)

August: Symbiosis by Tim Curran
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Signature Series Hardcover ($99.00)

September: Something Violent by Kristopher Rufty
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 100-copy Limited Hardcover ($50.00)

October: The Blade This Time by Jon Bassoff
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Signature Series Hardcover ($99.00)

November: Songs of Dreaming Gods by William Meikle
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 100-copy Limited Hardcover ($50.00)

December: Highwayman by Craig Saunders
eBook ($4.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 100-copy Limited Hardcover ($50.00)

You can keep up to date with changes in our production schedule by visiting the Coming Soon page.



For the past few months, new content in the online magazine has been sparse, but that will be changing quickly. DarkFuse Magazine has a new subscription model (it no longer has a free e-mail option). For $12 a year, you can opt for either the Kindle subscription through Amazon or web subscription through DarkFuse. If you purchase the Kindle Book Club Subscription, you’ll get a free web subscription to the magazine.

DarkFuse’s book line will be paired with DarkFuse Magazine’s online publications which will focus on shorter original works and serializations of longer works, beginning with Alan Ryker’s novella The Wards which will begin publication on the 16th of November (more on this will be announced shortly).

Also, the Horror d’oeuvres and Patrick Kill series will continue regularly.

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Calvillo’s LAMBS Kindle Countdown Sale

For the next few days, Michael Louis Calvillo’s Kindle edition of Lambs is on sale for only $0.99 / £0.99 at Amazon.


Plagued by a trio of murderous ghosts, Arthur has bigger problems than your average teenager. Young love, wild hormones, and The System haunt him, but those phantoms are nothing compared to the concern he has when watching the darkened corners and deep shadows around him. These spaces are now consumed by a spectral evil seemingly hell-bent on destroying everyone he loves.

As the bodies pile up, Arthur distances himself from his roommate, Connor, a pyromaniac crack-baby with destructive tendencies, and his girlfriend, Melanie, an all-American Satanist with a hidden agenda. He embarks upon a grisly odyssey of self-discovery in hopes of burying the past, cleansing his soul, and obliterating the blood-thirsty spirits once and for all.

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