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DarkFuse Magazine Offers FREE Limited eBook Releases

DarkFuse is known as the premier publisher of Dark Fiction with having published more than 100 titles in the past 3 years, hitting the tops of the Amazon bestsellers lists repeatedly. While its eBook, paperback and limited hardcover lines are what the company is known for, its online magazine is seeing unprecedented growth in readership.

This summer the magazine will be releasing its own exclusive eBook line.  Each release will be limited in the number of downloads allowed and packages will feature both EPUB and MOBI (for Kindle) editions.  These eBooks will only be available to subscribers (some to both free and paid subscribers; others only to paid web subscribers).

The first eBook is now available to download for FREE.  If you’re not a subscriber, you can still download a copy once you confirm your e-mail subscription.


Limited to 1000 downloads.

Availability: Free e-mail and paid web subscribers.

Short story by Greg F. Gifune, currently unavailable in print or digital edition.



DarkFuse Bestsellers: June 15-21, 2015


DarkFuse Magazine Additions


The staff behind DarkFuse Magazine have been busy ramping up its content.  There has been several new signings of original content for subscribers in the past few weeks:

Buried Soldiers Serial
Keith Deininger’s serial novella has been a hot topic.  Currently there are 2 more installments left before it’s complete. Check it out HERE.

Horror d’oeuvres
DarkFuse Magazine has acquired the flash fiction from Horror d’oeuvres.  This will now be an ongoing series through the magazine.  Authors who submit original content to the magazine at 999 words or under will qualify to get their stories published in this series.  Read past Horror d’oeuvres HERE.

Cult of Kill
Patrick Kill, during his decade in print, produced some of the most iconoclastic, darkly humorous fiction to dare to be printed.  Now, DarkFuse Magazine has acquired Kill’s entire library to publish in the new column, Cult of Kill. Two classic stories have already been posted with many more to come.  Read them HERE.

The magazine has also reopened to original fiction submissions and will publish new stories in addition to the quality non-fiction it has always brought to subscribers.

What’s even better is that there’s a free e-mail subscription.  Make sure you’re a subscriber or you’ll miss out on some amazing new content.



DARKFUSE #3 eBook + Hardcover

DarkFuse #3

Volume 3 of DarkFuse’s anthology series has been released in a Kindle edition.  There is also a trade mini-hardcover being produced that can now be preordered with an option for the series editor Shane Staley to sign and inscribe copies.

Download Kindle eBook | Preorder Hardcover

The 6 original tales of dark fiction in this volume include:

  1. “Ritual” by Lauren Gallo
  2. “Chanterelling” by Nicole Feldringer
  3. “To Get Past It” by Tim W. Burke
  4. “The Matchbox Sign” by Evan Dicken
  5. “Taking it All Away” by L. R. Bonehill
  6. “Winning Isn’t Everything” by William R.A.D. Funk

COLD AS HELL by David Searls Released

Now available in Kindle eBook…

Cold As Hell

It’s days before Christmas and the Craig family are out for their final shopping trip. When the kids pile into an electric kiddie train, the family continues to shop and await their return.

“Things are not what they seem,” the uncle warns them.

As time goes by, the kids don’t return. Now the uncle is missing. And no one’s heard of the electric kiddie train prowling the sidewalks and streets of the trendy lifestyle center in the brutal cold.

The night will only get darker and colder and more terrifying for the Craig family as the desperate search for the missing family members begin.

Buy from:


DarkFuse Bestsellers: June 1-14, 2015


SKINSHIFT by Lisa von Biela Released


Beaten and left for dead by his two partners after a botched robbery, Dominic Donato wants revenge so badly he can taste it. First he must survive—alone—in a remote part of the unforgiving Mojave Desert with nothing more than the clothes on his back.

But a life-or-death encounter with a wild coyote reveals to Dominic the true secret of survival, and he will use that knowledge to make his partners pay, along with anyone else who crosses his path.

Soon Dominic will unleash his newfound power on the world, and nothing will quench his thirst for revenge.

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New Limited Hardcovers From Meikle & Leverone

after_midnight   dunfield_terror

DarkFuse has just released less than a dozen copies of each into the shop of After Midnight by Allan Leverone and The Dunfield Terror by William Meikle.  Each are limited to only 100 copies produced and signed by author and numbered.

Click on the covers to order.

See All Limited Hardcovers In Stock


SHADOWSHIFT by Peter Giglio Released

Now available in both paperback and Kindle editions…Peter Giglio’s latest novel!


Chet is a shape-shifter who uses his abilities to burglarize homes…

Hannah is a young girl with strange influences over inanimate objects…

Father and daughter, these supernatural misfits are bound by blood, their unfolding stories separated by time. While Chet follows a grim path, Hannah stands on the fragile precipice of hope: her mother’s faltering happiness with a kind man…the chance at a new family and a stable household…and the promise of freedom from the shadows cast by her father’s misdeeds.

But past and present are ready to collide, ushering hell home.

From Peter Giglio, author of Lesser Creatures and When We Fall, comes Shadowshift, a relentless supernatural thriller that will haunt readers long into the night.

Buy from:

Prefer the paperback? Buy it HERE.


Keith Deininger’s BURIED SOLDIERS To Be Published in DarkFuse Magazine



On Monday, June 8th, 2015 DarkFuse Magazine will be publishing a 10-day serial novella by author Keith Deininger. Buried Soldiers is the latest novella to be penned by Deininger and has never before been published.

Only DarkFuse Magazine subscribers will be able to access this exclusive novella, as this title will not be published in either print or digital beyond the magazine.

Here’s a little more about this publishing event…

Alone in his childhood home, in an apocalyptic city savaged by fever and madness, Grady spends his nights beneath the moon digging in the backyard, tormented by memories of his nightmarish time at war. He digs to recover something from his childhood, evidence of a humanity to which he desperately clings to: the plastic toy soldiers he used to play with, buried somewhere in the dirt.

When he witnesses a young girl, without pity or malice, kill a young boy with a rock, he knows the Fever has spread. And when the little girl warns him that his greatest adversary is headed in his direction—the tyrant and army general known as the Bearded Man, with jet black hair twisting from chin to feet and severed heads tied about his voluminous robes like bobbing fruit ripe for picking—he knows he must find his buried soldiers before he is discovered.

But things are not what they seem to be, and the soldiers Grady unearths may be more than he’s bargained for…


You will need to be an active subscriber to the e-mail or Kindle subscription to DarkFuse Magazine prior to June 8th, 2015 or you will miss the first installment.

Subscription options for DarkFuse Magazine are as follows:

E-mail Subscription (FREE!)

Simply sign up via the subscription form in the right column and you’ll receive future fiction and non-fiction delivered via e-mail in a beautiful, responsive html format for your favorite tablet, computer or smartphone.  Absolutely free.  Please note that when you sign up for this free subscription, you will only receive future content, not content that has already been published.

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Kindle Subscription ($0.99 per month)

Amazon has an exclusive subscription for Kindle owners.  You can get a 14-day trial for free which you’ll receive the last 10 published stories or articles. This subscription is for Kindle devices and does not support the Kindle app on non-Kindle devices.

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Web Subscription ($29.99, one time)*

The web subscription not only comes with the E-mail subscription, it also gives you access to login to the magazine’s site via the web where you can access the complete archives.  The website is optimized for easily viewing on tablets and smartphones with a retina display and responsive layout.

*Web subscriptions are included free with DarkFuse book club memberships.

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Buried Soldiers Serial Novella: Table of Contents

buried_soldiers_coverPart 1: Buried (June 8, 2015)

Part 2: Fever (June 9, 2015)

Part 3: Girl (June 10, 2015)

Part 4: Dreams (June 11, 2015)

Part 5: Christine (June 12, 2015)

Part 6: Rifle (June 15, 2015)

Part 7: Hunger (June 16, 2015)

Part 8: Attack (June 17, 2015)

Part 9: Horde (June 18, 2015)

Part 10: Army (June 19, 2015)