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DarkFuse Bestsellers: August 25-31, 2014


DarkFuse Bestsellers: August 18-24, 2014


BLACKOUT by Tim Curran Released

Tim Curran’s latest work is the novella Blackout and it’s now available in eBook  for your Kindle or Kindle app.


In the midst of a beautiful summer, in a perfectly American suburban middle-class neighborhood, a faraway evil is lurking, waiting to strike the unsuspecting residents.

First come the flashing lights, then the heavy rains, high winds, and finally a total blackout. But that’s only the beginning…

When the whipping black tentacles fall from the sky and begin snatching people at random, the denizens of Piccamore Way must discover the terrifying truth of what these beings have planned for the human race.


“Perfectly paced, and incredibly imaginative, Blackout is apocalyptic horror at its very finest, with an ending that also manages to be cleverly thought-provoking.” —Horror After Dark

“One harrowing experience” —Hopelessely Devoted Bibliophile

“Top notch suspenseful horror” —Horror Novel Reviews

“The perfect horror novella.” —The Arched Doorway

“A short but thoroughly tense and enjoyable horror tale from one of the best writers of the genre out there.” —The Novel Pursuit

“An apocalyptic, wide-scale horror novella that still has a strong focus on character and setting.” —This Is Horror

“Curran does a masterful job here of preying on our simplest fears, and of magnifying them to the darkest extremes. It’s a claustrophobic, suffocating sort of read, and one that will have your skin crawling.” —Beauty in Ruins

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DarkFuse Bestsellers: August 11-17, 2014


THE SLEEPING DEAD by Richard Farren Barber Released

Now available for immediate download to your Kindle or Kindle app…

The Sleeping Dead

Don’t listen… 

When Jackson Smith attends an interview to escape his dead-end job, he witnesses a man jumping to his death through an office window. But this suicide is only the first of many he encounters. All around him, men and women begin taking their own lives. These seemingly random events make little sense to Jackson until he hears voices urging him to join the others.

Don’t look… 

As Jackson fights the desire to self-destruct, he flees through a mad city where the river and streets pile high with bodies of the sleeping dead, those who have simply surrendered to the strange voices.

Don’t hope… 

Jackson’s only chance is to find an escape to this madness before giving in to the strange voices in his head.

“A consummately told and brilliantly original story.” —This Is Horror

“Creepy and paranoid, dark and disturbing.” —Beauty in Ruins

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THE EXILED Limited Hardcover Availability

Seven copies of the limited edition hardcover production of William Meikle’s The Exiled have been posted for sale at DarkFuse’s shop.  This is all that remains from the 100-copy print run.  Grab one of the remaining copies to add another DarkFuse rarity to your personal library.

The Exiled

When several young girls are abducted from various locations in Edinburgh, Detective John Granger and his brother Alan, a reporter, investigate the cases from different directions. The abductor is cunning, always one step ahead, and the only clue he leaves behind at each scene are the brutalized corpses of black swans.

When the brothers’ investigations finally converge at a farmhouse in Central Scotland, they catch a glimpse of where the girls have been taken, a place both far away yet close enough to touch. A land known throughout Scottish history with many names: Faerie, Elfheim, and the Astral Plane. It is a place of legend and horror, a myth. But the brothers soon discover it’s real, and, to catch the abductor, they will have to cross over themselves.

To catch a killer, John and Alan Granger will have to battle the Cobbe, a strange and enigmatic creature that guards the realm, a creature of horrific power that demands a heavy price for entry into its world. The fate of both realms hangs in the balance…and time is running out…

“Mixes gritty modern crime fiction with the fey and supernatural!” —This Is Horror

“William Meikle out-grims the Brothers Grimm in this contemporary supernatural mystery novel.” —Horror After Dark

“William Meikle has gifted us with something unique, fresh and exhilarating. This was dark fiction at its best.” —My Book Habit



DarkFuse Bestsellers: August 4-10, 2014


Preorder DarkFuse October ’14 Novellas

DarkFuse will release two novellas in October, both are now available to preorder with a discount through Amazon.

SurrogateSURROGATE by David Bernstein

Rebecca Hardwick wants nothing more than to start a family with her husband. But when a series of tragedies occur, she is left unable to have children by natural means.

Jane Nurelle is in an abusive relationship filled with beatings, drinking and drugs. But when she learns of her pregnancy, she is determined to turn her life around, even if it means resorting to violence.

Through an unlikely series of events, these two women come face-to-face with a notable scientist who has perfected a way for couples to have biologically matched children through the process of human cloning. But his service comes at a price…and the women share more in common than they ever thought possible.

Surrogate is an unforgettable tale of life, love, revenge and maternal instinct.

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The Last MileTHE LAST MILE by Tim Waggoner

All Dan wanted was to be a good husband and father, to provide for his wife and daughter, to keep them fed, warm, and safe. But then the malevolent godlike beings called the Masters arrived, and their darkness spread across the world, reshaping it into a twisted realm of savagery and madness. In exchange for his family’s protection, Dan now serves one of these alien gods, obtaining human sacrifices to feed his Master’s eternal hunger.

Like so many people since the world changed, Alice has had to do unspeakable things to survive. Unfortunately for her, she’s Dan’s choice for his next sacrifice. Now Dan drives along the shattered remnants of an old-world highway, headed for his Master’s lair, Alice bound hand and foot in the backseat of his car. Dan may not like what he’s become, but he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones. Alice doesn’t intend to relinquish her life so easily, though, and she plans to escape, no matter the cost.

But in the World After, everything—animals, plants, even the land itself—has become a predator, and the journey to the Master’s lair is an almost guaranteed suicide run. But Dan won’t give up, and he won’t stop fighting. Not until he makes it through the Last Mile.

“Tim Waggoner’s The Last Mile is a dark, deranged journey deep into nightmare country, a ride through a phantasmagorical post-apocalyptic landscape like no other. There are no zombies in this world gone to hell. The inhabitants of the “World After” should be so lucky. The Last Mile is gloriously twisted, a mind-bending glimpse of a reality so grotesquely altered it feels as if Tim, mad genius that he is, must have somehow plucked it directly from the scorched mind of some long-institutionalized acid casualty. Highly recommended.” —Bryan Smith, author of Depraved

“I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic road stories, and this one sucked me in hard and fast with its mystery, monster and maiden. Relentless, perverse, horrific fun!” —John Everson, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of NightWhere and Violet Eyes

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CORROSION Kindle Countdown Deal

To celebrate the announcement and preorder of Jon Bassoff’s latest novel Factory Town, we’re offering the Kindle edition of his first novel Corrosion for only $0.99 (US) / £0.99 (UK) through Sunday, August 10th, 2014.


A mysterious Iraq war veteran with a horribly scarred face…A disturbed young man in a strange mountain town…A masked preacher with a terrible secret…

Amidst a firestorm of violence, betrayal and horror, their three worlds will eventually collide in an old mining shack buried deep in the mountains.Corrosion, the shattering debut novel by Jon Bassoff, is equal parts Jim Thompson, Flannery O’Connor and William Faulkner, and an unforgettable journey into the underbelly of crime and passion. Drawn from the darkest corners of the human experience, it is sure to haunt readers for years to come.

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FACTORY TOWN by Jon Bassoff Available to Preorder

Due to be released by DarkFuse in October 2014 is Jon Bassoff’s latest novel Factory Town.  Preorder the eBook now and receive $3.00 off the regular price (it will be $6.99 on publication).  The paperback edition is also up for preorder.

Factory Town

Russell Carver, an enigmatic and tortured man in search of a young girl gone missing, has come to Factory Town, a post-industrial wasteland of abandoned buildings, crumbling asphalt, deadly characters, hidden secrets and unspeakable depravity. Wandering deeper and deeper into the dangerous, dream-like and darkly mysterious labyrinths in town, Russell stumbles upon clues that not only lead him closer to the missing girl, but to his own troubled past as well. Because in Factory Town nothing is what it seems, no one is safe, and there’s no such thing as a clean escape.

From Jon Bassoff, author of Corrosion, comes a dark, gritty and surreal novel that is at once a compelling mystery and an exploration into the darkest recesses of the human soul. Welcome to the haunting, frightening and disturbing experience that is Russell Carver’s search for the truth…

Welcome to FACTORY TOWN.


Factory Town: A hallucinatory descent into an urban hell that rivals Jim Thompson for stark terror. Jon Bassoff is a master of that territory where pulp becomes poetry, crime fiction mates with horror, but this novel very much its own self—an unnervingly individual piece of work.” —Ramsey Campbell, Bram Stoker award-winning author of Ancient Images

“For those of us who love the horror-crime genre, Jon Bassoff is a Godsend. Creepy, poetic, and beautifully dark, Factory Town is an absolutely mesmerizing ride.” —John Rector, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Already GoneLost Things, and Out of the Black

“Jon Bassoff has a unique talent for mining heart-breaking humanity from troubled souls stranded in wretched landscapes. His razor-sharp prose cuts to the marrow of a very noir bone. Read him if you dare.” —Christopher Ransom, Internationally bestselling author of The Birthing House and The Fading