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CHILDREN OF CHAOS by Greg F. Gifune Reissued

Now available for your Kindle or Kindle app with new cover and layout is Greg F. Gifune’s 2009 novel (originally published by Delirium Books) Children of Chaos.

Children of Chaos

In a torrential downpour, Phil, Jamie and Martin—three teenage boys—encounter a strange and enigmatic man covered in horrible scars who will change their lives, their destinies and the very fate of their souls forever. When their encounter mistakenly leads to murder, they realize this eerie stranger may not have been a man at all, but something much more…

Thirty years later the boys—now men—lead tormented lives filled with horrifying memories of the scarred man and what they did all those years ago in the rain. Phil is a struggling writer, divorced, with a daughter and a mounting drinking problem. Jamie is a defrocked priest with depraved secrets and horrible addictions, and Martin, a madman who thinks himself a god, has vanished into a desolate desert region of Mexico and established a feared and violent blood cult. When Martin’s dying mother hires Phil to find her son and bring him home, Phil embarks on a perilous journey that will take him from the seedy streets of Tijuana, to a dangerous and allegedly haunted stretch of desert Mexican road known as The Corridor of Demons. At the end of the road, in an old and previously abandoned church, Martin and his followers wait in the Hell-on-Earth they’ve created deep in the desert. There will be only one chance for redemption, one chance for salvation, and one chance to stop the rise of an antichrist’s bloody quest for demonic power.

From the void, came chaos. These are its children.

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Kindle Countdown Deal: Ronald Malfi’s THE MOURNING HOUSE

This week only…you can download for Kindle DarkFuse’s reissue of Ronald Malfi’s bestselling novella for only 99 cents.

The Mourning House

Devastated by tragedy, Dr. Sam Hatch is a shadow of his former self. He travels the byroads of America, running away from a past he cannot escape. There is no salvation for him.

And then he sees the house. Like a siren, it calls to him. Yet the house is not what it appears to be. Is it a blessing, a gift…or a curse?

“Lyrical prose creates an atmosphere of eerie claustrophobia, flawless pacing, and a plot that unfolds into a quietly shattering climax. Fans of literary horror will enjoy this compelling, haunting story.” Publishers Weekly

“The atmosphere in this story is claustrophobic and terribly frightening. The house closes in on you, Mr. Malfi’s prose is suffocating, tragic and heart wrenching. This story will scare you and leave you shaken, with an ending that will literally take your breath away.” —Peter Schwotzer, Literary Mayhem

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DarkFuse Bestsellers: July 21-27, 2014


SAYING UNCLE Kindle Countdown Deal

The novel that many believe is Greg F. Gifune’s best work of fiction is now on sales for your Kindle for only 99 cents through July 27, 2014. Saying Uncle is a lean but thought-provoking novel about crimes of the past and the scars they leave behind. A study of violence and spirituality, of a family torn apart by a senseless act of brutality and the equally brutal aftermath that haunts them still, Saying Uncle is at once elegant, horrific, emotionally shattering, and sadly beautiful. A remarkable novel from the author of DominionThe Bleeding Season and Rogue.

Saying Uncle

Andy DeMarco and his little sister Angela worshiped their Uncle Paulie. To them, he was a god, an enigmatic savior, the man who took the place of their absent father, who protected them and their mother, and who taught them about the true nature of life and family.

But one horrible summer day something unspeakable happened to little Angela, and everyone’s world changed forever.

Now, twenty years later, in the middle of a snowstorm, Andy has returned home to bury his uncle, a man with a shady past that ended with a caper gone wrong and a bullet in the back of his head. Only now can Andy begin to understand who his uncle truly was, and in doing so, finally begin to also understand who he is, and who he may still one day become.

Author Greg F. Gifune has crafted a journey of one man’s voyage into the darkness of the past with the pace of a thriller but the poetic and thoughtful writing he has become known and praised for by critics and readers alike. A lyrical, complex and mysteriously enchanting novel that delves deeply into the dark side of family, friendship, love, grief, loyalty, revenge, and ultimately, redemption.

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DarkFuse Bestsellers: July 14-20, 2014



The new novella from the husband-wife writing duo of Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes is now available for immediate download for your Kindle or Kindle app.

Elderwood Manor

Things fall apart—Bruce Davenport knows this all too well.

On the heels of his wife’s death, laid-off and penniless with an eviction notice on the door, the only thing left for him and his four-year-old son Cody is Bruce’s childhood home, secluded deep within Ozark forests, haunted by the ghosts of his past.

After he receives a strange phone call from his dying mother, who has lived alone in the house for the past 15 years, Bruce reluctantly returns to the estate with his son.

But they soon find that something else dwells in the home, in the earth, in the woods. Unseen things are out for vengeance and blood. If they can survive the night, they may just find out what truly lies within the walls of…Elderwood Manor.

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DarkFuse Bestsellers: July 7-13, 2014


NIGHT OF THE WENDIGO Kindle Countdown Deal

Night of the WendigoTo celebrate the release of William Meikle’s latest novel The Exiled, DarkFuse is running a limited-time promotional discount on his first DarkFuse novel Night of the Wendigo.  From now until Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 11 AM EST, you can get his first novel for only $1.99 US / £0.99 UK.

Four hundred years ago a Scottish cargo ship fell prey to a Wendigo at an early settlement on the Hudson River. Now a team of archaeologists have uncovered the boat, and let loose the evil.

Soon Manhattan is hit by an ice storm like no other. Besides the wind and ice, there is something else moving in the storm. Blue, cold things, with razor sharp teeth.

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CEREMONY OF FLIES by Kate Jonez Now Available

Now available for immediate download to your Kindle or Kindle app…

Ceremony of Fliesh

Two petty criminals find themselves inextricably linked when a stop at a roadside bar leads to murder.

On the run and out of options, they reluctantly rescue a stranded boy and his dog from a lonely crossroads in the Mojave desert and decide for the first time in their lives to do the right thing.

But this one selfless act unleashes a terrifying onslaught of demonic trouble as they struggle to save the boy—and themselves—from an evil far greater than they ever imagined.


“An interesting if odd melding of the thriller and horror genres, Ceremony of Flies starts frenetically and never lets up.” —Horror After Dark

Ceremony of Flies is a roller coaster of a horror story that will leave the reader breathless and reeling” —Examiner

“A thrilling, fast-paced horror story about the search for atonement.” —This Is Horror

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DarkFuse Bestsellers: June 30-July 6, 2014