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EAT THE NIGHT ARCs Available @NetGalley

Tim Waggoner’s latest novel is available to request via NetGalley.  Please note: DarkFuse has limited its auto-approved members to those who cross-post their reviews to as well as a few other additional media outlets, magazines and traditional reviewers.

Eat the Night

“Stephen King meets Franz Kafka.” —

For Joan Lantz, it starts with a dream of a death-cult’s mass suicide in the jungle of Suriname thirty years ago, followed by the discovery of a hidden basement in her new house, where heavy metal music echoes on humid tropical air.

For Kevin Benecke, long-suffering employee of a mysterious organization known simply as Maintenance, it starts with the violent death of his co-worker at the hands of a madman who tells him, The Big Dark is coming for you.

Long-dead cult leader and former rock star Mark Maegarr has returned from beyond the grave, and Joan and Kevin have front-row seats to his apocalyptic comeback. Maegarr’s waited decades to finish what he started, and this time no one will stop him from putting on a killer show designed to hasten the universe’s end.

Rock on.



SNOWBLIND Kindle Countdown Deal 99¢


Get the Amazon Bestseller and winner of the 2012 DarkFuse Readers’ Choice Award for Best Novella for under a dollar!

They come at night.


A stranger staggers out of the wilderness under the cover of a blizzard and stumbles into a diner full of people. He collapses in the entryway, unzips his jacket, and allows the object hidden inside to fall out. Screaming commences.


Four old college buddies embark upon their annual elk hunting trip into the Rocky Mountains. This promises to be their last, for the passage of time is as merciless and unpredictable as the Colorado weather. And they’re not alone.


There are other hunters in the mountains, stalking game of a different breed. They know exactly what they’re doing, because they’ve been hunting in these woods for a long, long time. And no one ever survives to betray their existence.

Get the deal from:



Greg F. Gifune’s latest novel has now been released in 3 editions: 52-copy Signature Series Limited Hardcover (Sold Out), Paperback and Kindle eBook. Currently, there is an eBay auction for the limited hardcover, copy #14.

The Kindle edition debuted in Amazon’s Top-50 Hot New Releases:

Babylon Terminal is dark fiction at its finest, at times ultra-violent, at times soft and tender.” Cemetery Dance

“Reminded me of a violent version of Logan’s Run with some Bladerunner thrown in, but Gifune’s own flavor is felt from the first page.” —The Horror Fiction Review

Babylon Terminal

In a nightmare world of darkness and violence lies a city that is home to those who inhabit the dreams of the living, those who sleep in daylight and struggle to survive the night.

But there are some who break the rules, who believe there may be something better out there beyond their city of dreams, those who run in search of a promised land of sunshine and peace.

Enter the Dreamcatchers, an elite law enforcement unit assigned to hunt down runners and bring them back, dead or alive. Monk is one of the best, a dark and brooding, by-the-book Dreamcatcher with a reputation for extreme violence. But when his enigmatic wife Julia runs, Monk must break the rules himself, and find her before fate or his fellow Dreamcatchers do.

In a hallucinatory quest for redemption, Monk chases the woman he loves across a city of nightmares and into the wastelands, where unimaginable horrors and wonders await them both, and soon learns there are realities far deadlier than their prison of darkness, his love for Julia or a life together in the light.

This is the world of darkness, of endless night and doomed dreams. This is the beginning and the end.

This is Babylon Terminal.

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Get the paperback edition HERE.


Greg F. Gifune Kindle Deals

We’re celebrating the release of Greg’s latest novel, Babylon Terminal, by offering 4 other of his highly-acclaimed novels as Kindle Countdown Deals (for a limited time only).  Also, his novella Kingdom of Shadows is currently FREE for Kindle!

So this is a great time to build your Kindle library with an author who has been called “one of the best writers of his generation.”

4 NOVELS CURRENTLY $1.99 US / £0.99 UK—Kindle Countdown Deals

Children of Chaos Just $1.99!   Devil's Breath Just $1.99!

Rogue For Only $1.99!   Dominion For Just $1.99!


Kingdom of Shadows FREE!



CULT OF KILL Coming To DarkFuse


DarkFuse has contracted the entire short story backlist of Patrick Kill in a series, Cult of Kill.  A new story will be appearing at DarkFuse Magazine every Thursday into 2017. This Thursday’s featured story is “Tequila Son.”

If you’re not familiar with Patrick Kill, here’s a little perspective:

“You’ve heard the expression ‘through the glass darkly’?  Forget that.  The looking glass that Kill uses to view our world isn’t just dark—it’s fucking obsidian.  What you call religion, he terms mind control.  Where you see a prom queen, he sees a crack whore.  Kill is a writer that focuses on the positive.  He’s positive that everything sucks.” —Brian Keene, Author of The Rising

“Kill’s basic recipe is to combine large portions of sex and violence, season with human sympathy, shake vigorously and serve piping hot.” —Garrett Peck, Hellnotes

“Kill specializes in the most in-your-face, defiantly brutal and iconoclastic horror fiction around. He’s got a particularly large and unpleasant chip on his shoulder when it comes to organized religion, too…this is well-executed, extreme horror.” —Jim Lee, Scavenger’s Newsletter

“Kill’s stories are the fictional equivalent of a baseball bat hitting you in the face….This is horror by the seat of the pants—quick fixes of dark humour, OTT violence and major mayhem.” —Paul Kane, Terror Tales (UK)

If you’re brave enough to sample his work, DarkFuse Magazine has published “The Boy With the Razor-Sharp Teeth” for free online.

The tentative schedule of releases are:


  1. August 18: “Tequila Son”
  2. August 25: “Twins”
  3. September 1: “Blessed Is Who Is Trusts In the Lard”
  4. September 8: “The Giant Man”
  5. September 15: “Bethlehem: 9 Months B.C.”
  6. September 22: “The Day Mr. Langford Cracked”
  7. September 29: “The Hunter King”
  8. October 6: “Demonica and the Dream House”
  9. October 13: “Bitchslapped”
  10. October 20: “Shady Acres Church of God”
  11. October 27: “Psychotica”
  12. November 3: “Luster”
  13. November 10: “Apartment 6A”
  14. November 17: “Doctor Rover’s Genital Chop Shop”
  15. November 24: “Toys For Tits”
  16. December 1: “This Wonderful Life”
  17. December 8: “Eggnog & Exlax”
  18. December 15: “The Little Hummer Boy”
  19. December 21: “Why Winter Sucks”
  20. December 22: “Dead Santa”
  21. December 29: “Road Kill”


  1. January 5: “Late Night On Maudlin Street”
  2. January 12: “The Special Dish”
  3. January 19: “Point of Interest”
  4. January 26: “Everyone’s Out To Get You, Mother Rucker”
  5. February 2: “Groundhog’s Day”
  6. February 14: “My Confession”
  7. February 16: “Raise the Lord”
  8. February 23: “Together At Last: An Old-Fashioned Children’s Story”
  9. March 2: “The Ronnie Letters”
  10. March 9: “Sick Day”
  11. March 16: “Dysfunction”
  12. March 23: “The Magic Cupboard”
  13. March 30: “The Becoming”
  14. April 6: “The Road Trip”
  15. April 13: “Potty Mouth”
  16. April 20: “Burnt Offering”
  17. April 27: “Opportunities”
  18. May 4: “The Mailman”
  19. May 11: “Petey”
  20. May 18: “Fallen”
  21. May 25: “The Golden Years”
  22. June 1: “Worms”
  23. June 8: “Caswell”
  24. June 15: “Natural Selection”
  25. June 22: “The Smoker”

There are also plans to serialize his infamous novella Swan Lake.

It about to get rowdy over at DarkFuse Magazine.



2017 Novella Series Subscription

We placed 15 sets of the 2017 Novella Subscription live in our online shop at noon today and are down to our last 4 sets before we could even make this announcement.


As DarkFuse announced a few weeks ago, the limited hardcover editions of our 2017 novella line will only be sold direct through subscription.  The subscription includes 12 titles and a tower slipcase. Subscribers will save $60 total off the cost of the set and get the slipcase for free.

Here’s the details:

  • DarkFuse will be releasing 12 mini-hardcover limited edition novellas in 2017, ONLY SOLD THROUGH THIS SUBSCRIPTION. No single physical copies of any title will be sold through DarkFuse’s shop.
  • The print run will be based off the number of subscriptions sold (maximum of 100 sets produced).
  • Each novella will be produced as a graphic mini-hardcover (4.5 inches by 6.25 inches). The year and volume number will be printed on the spine of each volume (1-12) to make a nice set of novellas.  The DarkFuse Novella logo will be printed on the back. DarkFuse will be releasing 1 novella per month in 2017.
  • The slipcase tower designed will be approximately 9 inches tall by 7 inches wide which will make these little hardcovers fit in your bookcase with other regular-sized editions. The slipcase will be foil stamped with special logo as well as the table of contents to the series. It will be released in October 2017 to collect the entire series.
  • This subscription comes with a VIP (Lifetime) subscription to DarkFuse Magazine.

The first two titles have been announced:

Unidentified   Kiss of Thorns

As for getting single copies of any title in the series, there will be a Kindle edition available at Amazon for each title and there may be copies for sale at independent booksellers and on secondary markets like eBay.



Tiny Terrors Returns


DarkFuse Magazine’s Tiny Terrors is back.  The new campaign was launched today and will last 7 days. We challenge authors to scare us via Twitter with your writing in under 140 characters.

Check out: The Guidelines | The Showase | The Wall of Fame

Tiny Terrors is free (no subscription needed) to enjoy or to take part in.

Past winner Edward Lorn has submitted his latest:



DarkFuse Celebrates Its 1000th Magazine Subscriber

Today, DarkFuse Magazine received its 1000th registered subscriber.  No small feat for a niche online magazine in an era of free internet content.


Since its inception, the magazine has stayed with its paid subscription base, electing not to follow the free model of most online publications.

Editor-in-Chief and founder Shane Staley has stuck to his guns, stating: “If it’s your hobby, then I suppose you can do it for free.  But it’s always been a profession to me and the last thing I want to do is to devalue the product, the art itself, by doing what most others have done in this ‘free internet age.'”

DarkFuse Magazine has published more than 228,000 words of fiction and non-fiction to date.  Subscriptions have remained at $12 for a year’s access, but now that Staley has reached his first goal in subscribers, the annual rate will now increase to $36 per year, a change in pricing that will be reflected by week’s end.

What comes next? With 1000 paying subscribers, now comes the fun part. Growing the content and subscription base.

To celebrate, DarkFuse has randomly chosen 200 of its newsletter subscribers and given them a year’s complimentary subscription, bringing the total subscription base to 1200.

Check out the magazine by clicking on the banner below:



Welcome To The Cheap Seats (Freebies @DarkFuse Magazine)


DarkFuse Magazine offers free content.  So if you don’t have the $12 for the subscription, you can still check out some really cool fiction and non-fiction:


  1. “The Beachcomber” from Horror d’oeuvres (L. R. Bonehill)
  2. “Buried Soldiers” Part 1/10 (Keith Deininger)
  3. “The Boy With the Razor-Sharp Teeth” from Cult of Kill (Patrick Kill)
  4. “The Wards” Part 1 of 14 (Alan Ryker)


  1. Support Your Local Labyrinth (Nicole Cushing)
  2. The New Flesh: Real and Imagined (Keith Deininger)
  3. Deconstructing Nightmare Man—the inspiration behind Alan Ryker’s new novella (Alan Ryker)
  4. WHOM THE GODS WOULD DESTROY Essay & Soundtrack (Brian Hodge)
  5. The Inspiration Behind DREAM OF THE SERPENT (Alan Ryker)
  6. Will We Talk About The Black Bird? (William Meikle)
  7. “Phantoms Revisited” (Gary Fry)
  8. “In the Pit of Marrow” An Inside Look at Keith Deininger’s MARROW’S PIT (Keith Deininger)
  9. “Not Your Conventional Hero: Introducing Stephen Hobbs” (Gary Fry)
  10. Why I Wrote About Zombies: An Introduction to SEVERED (Gary Fry)
  11. “The Three Fathers of Greg Bryce” (Nicole Cushing)
  12. “The Inception of ANCIENT ENEMY” (Michael McBride)
  13. “Deadlift: Breaking Point” (Craig Saunders)
  14. “Going Rogue” (Greg F. Gifune)
  15. “Dark Father: From the Cradle to the Grave” (James Cooper)
  16. “The Vision Behind The Exiled” (William Meikle)
  17. “Elderwood Manor: Realm of Secrets” (Christopher Fulbright)
  18. “Some Thoughts Concerning Ghosts of Eden” (Keith Deininger)
  19. “Blockbuster: The Future of Pathogens?” (Lisa von Biela)
  20. “Introducing Tormentor” (William Meikle)
  21. “Masters of Blood and Bone: To Kill a God” (Craig Saunders)
  22. “Flesh and Coin: Random Acts of Violence” (Craig Saunders)
  23. “Sometimes They Come Back: Origins of The Midnight Order” (Christopher Fulbright)
  24. “Within Us All: The Inspiration Behind WITHIN” (Keith Deininger)
  25. “Inspiration Strikes in the Strangest of Places” (Lisa von Biela)
  26. LONG AFTER DARK: Behind the Scenes (Greg F. Gifune)
  27. Tiny Terrors Tweets of the Week (July 6-12, 2015)
  28. Tiny Terrors Tweets of the Week (July 20-26, 2015)
  29. “Broken Chain: Hunting Down the Links” (Lisa von Biela)
  30. SIREN OF DEPRAVITY Preview (Gary Fry)


  1. Interview with Alan Ryker, author of NIGHTMARE MAN
  2. Interview with Allan Leverone, author of MR. MIDNIGHT

DarkFuse Bestsellers: August 1-7, 2016