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DarkFuse Bestsellers: November 17-23, 2014


A SHRILL KEENING by Ronald Malfi Released

Now available for your Kindle.  Limited hardcover available soon.

A Shrill Keening

Carl Thompson spends his days confined to a psychiatric ward for a gruesome murder he can’t remember committing. But his nights are spent elsewhere, patrolling an evacuated stretch of beach for some purpose that is not readily apparent.

During the day, he struggles to decipher which part of his existence is real and which is not. At night, he tries to uncover the mystery to a numbered code, a silver key, and a band of people who have given him his cryptic instructions.

Are these two realities linked? Could the answers to the mysteries in one reality be found within the other? Carl must find out before time runs out, and the sound of a shrill keening threatens to destroy both realities.

“An intriguing study of insanity.” Horror After Dark
“An author of considerable talent and that talent shines through in this novella.” Examiner

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DarkFuse Bestsellers: November 10-16, 2014


Preorder Now: New Novels by Lisa von Biela & Lee Thompson

Now available to preorder for your Kindle.  Save $3 if you order before the publication dates.

BLOCKBUSTER by Lisa von Biela

BlockbusterIn the year 2025, survival of the fittest takes on new importance. Hungry for market share and driven by greed, BigPharma companies battle to produce the next blockbuster drug. And they will go to any length to win—and survive.

Dan Tremaine has found the secret to success for Denali Labs. Phil Horton is desperate to save his family firm, Horton Drugs. When they’re put in a head-to-head competition to find the cure for a deadly flesh-eating disease, who will win?

And at what cost?

The clock is ticking. The body count is rising.

And someone has created a monster.

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IT’S ONLY DEATH by Lee Thompson

It's Only DeathSix years ago James blew town after killing his cop-father in a bank job gone bad. When his sister informs him that their mother’s health is fading fast, he returns home, wanting to make peace with her before she passes.

But James quickly finds there is little peace left for him at his childhood home.

His father’s old partner has been biding his time, waiting for a chance at retribution, and finally discovers James is back. But he’s only one of the many shady characters James must face if he is to survive the next few days.

Not only must James survive his return, he must also face the devastation he left behind, the shattered pieces of what remained of his life before he was forced to run.

Now his days on the run are over.

Upon the edge of reckoning, James’s past comes full circle to the final showdown with his personal demons and the devils that are closing in.

It’s Only Death is an explosive, gritty tale of urban crime and one man’s descent into the nightmares in the darkest recesses of our society.

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Alan Ryker’s IN THE SHADOWS OF CHILDREN Now Available

Just released for your Kindle…

In the Shadows of Children

Aaron hasn’t been home since his younger brother mysteriously disappeared without a trace from his bedroom fifteen years earlier. He thought he’d moved on with his life.

But when his mother dies suddenly, he finds himself back in his childhood hometown to attend the funeral and see to the estate. Aaron soon finds his hopes of reliving fond childhood memories evaporating as he discovers something in his old closet that shakes not only his beliefs about what happened to his brother, but his grip on reality.

In the hungry darkness, a shadow as old as time itself has been waiting for his return for a long time. And its wait is nearly over…


“Alan Ryker has just given us another reason to sleep with the lights on!…insanely spooky” Horror Novel Reviews

“Skillful depiction of the past come back to haunt us…another must read.” This Is Horror

“Alan Ryker emphatically stitches the skins of his characters over you and makes their emotions your own. Storytelling at it’s prime.” Drunken Dragon Reviews

“A savage wolf of a story that stays well cloaked in the gentle sheep’s fur until the very end.” —Examiner


DarkFuse Bestsellers: November 3-9, 2014


GHOSTS OF EDEN by Keith Deininger Released

Ghosts of Eden

Out now in both paperback and eBook

A neglected and abused little girl…A hopeless drug addict…Horrifying visions of bizarre beings that may or may not be human…A haunted desert refuge that could hold the key to everything…and all of it tied together by a mysterious jar that contains the secrets of good and evil, reality and nightmares, creation and death…and everything in between…

Following a family tragedy, Kayla, a twelve-year-old orphan, and Garty, a college dropout and junkie, are sent to spend the summer with an enigmatic uncle neither of them have ever known, at his palatial desert home in Los Alamos, New Mexico, the birthplace of the Atomic Bomb. While Garty struggles to come to grips with his reckless past, and Kayla attempts to discover her place in the world, their Uncle Xander reveals the true purpose for them being there.

Soon, dark secrets will be revealed. They will be shown things that will change their perceptions of the physical universe, because nothing is as it seems, and no one is safe from the terrifying secrets awaiting them. When the strange jar is opened, otherworldly horrors slip forth with ambitions of dominance, oppression and terror.

Eden will be reborn.


“Keith Deininger’s GHOSTS OF EDEN is like Bradbury on acid. A terrifying tale from a remarkable new talent. Be prepared to have your mind blown.” —Greg F. Gifune, author of The Bleeding Season

“Horror can work on so many levels. The words themselves can sing… as though music and darkness had been conjured into them, and not just an ordinary darkness, but a delirious, soaring darkness full of menace and mystery. It takes rare talent to wield such magic: Keith Deininger has the gift.” —Robert Dunbar, author of The Pines and Willy

Ghosts of Eden is as brilliant as it is disorienting. With the dark secrets of Los Alamos crawling over the pages, Deininger expertly crafts a tale which leaves us doubting our own perceptions. A terrifying novel from a prodigious talent.” —Jon Bassoff, author of Corrosion and Factory Town

“A twisted, stylish, original tale that puts Keith Deninger up with the best folks writing dark fiction right now.” —James Everington, author of Falling Over

“Keith Deininger’s Ghosts of Eden is a twisted masterpiece, a psychedelic journey through alternative realities, familial relationships and the mysteries of the mind. Spellbinding, horrifying and thrilling, Ghosts will draw you into a world unlike any you’ve ever imagined and hold you hostage until the final shocking scene…” —Allan Leverone, author of Mr. Midnight

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DarkFuse Bestsellers: October 27-November 2, 2014


Readers Choice Nominations for Q3 of 2014

Ballots have been turned in by DarkFuse Book Club members who’ve selected their favorite novel and novella of this past quarter and here are the results…

Sunblind   Blackout

Best Novel: Sunblind by Michael McBride

Best Novella: Blackout by Tim Curran

Congratulations to authors Michael McBride and Tim Curran for the nominations.

To find out more about the Readers Choice Awards, please click here.


DarkFuse Bestsellers: October 20-26, 2014