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Calvillo’s LAMBS Kindle Countdown Sale

For the next few days, Michael Louis Calvillo’s Kindle edition of Lambs is on sale for only $0.99 / £0.99 at Amazon.


Plagued by a trio of murderous ghosts, Arthur has bigger problems than your average teenager. Young love, wild hormones, and The System haunt him, but those phantoms are nothing compared to the concern he has when watching the darkened corners and deep shadows around him. These spaces are now consumed by a spectral evil seemingly hell-bent on destroying everyone he loves.

As the bodies pile up, Arthur distances himself from his roommate, Connor, a pyromaniac crack-baby with destructive tendencies, and his girlfriend, Melanie, an all-American Satanist with a hidden agenda. He embarks upon a grisly odyssey of self-discovery in hopes of burying the past, cleansing his soul, and obliterating the blood-thirsty spirits once and for all.

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Free For Fridays 11/6/15

On certain Fridays each month, DarkFuse offers ‘Free For Fridays’ to spotlight a title or two.  These offers are for a limited time and for Kindle only.  Here is today’s free selection(s):

Sleeping Dead

Don’t listen… 

When Jackson Smith attends an interview to escape his dead-end job, he witnesses a man jumping to his death through an office window. But this suicide is only the first of many he encounters. All around him, men and women begin taking their own lives. These seemingly random events make little sense to Jackson until he hears voices urging him to join the others.

Don’t look… 

As Jackson fights the desire to self-destruct, he flees through a mad city where the river and streets pile high with bodies of the sleeping dead, those who have simply surrendered to the strange voices.

Don’t hope… 

Jackson’s only chance is to find an escape to this madness before giving in to the strange voices in his head.

“A consummately told and brilliantly original story.” —This Is Horror

“Creepy and paranoid, dark and disturbing.” —Beauty in Ruins

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Jon Bassoff’s THE INCURABLES Released

Now available in paperback and Kindle editions!


The Incurables is terse, sparse and brutal, yet strangely touching at times. Another winner from the Bassoff pen.” —William Meikle

“Imagine One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as re-written by Elmore Leonard. A mesmerizing novel.” —Ken Bruen, Shamus Award-winning author of The Guards

The Incurables reads like an unhinged murder ballad. In it, Bassoff’s crafted a violent—and oddly affecting—ode to the outcasts, the downtrodden, the broken, the grotesque, and the misunderstood.” —Chris Holm, author of The Big Reap

“Bassoff’s crooked trip to hell is a powerful rumination on the beauty of the damned.” —Joe Clifford, author of Junkie Love and Lamentation

“Jon Bassoff’s The Incurables practically bleeds off the page with a dark poetry so intense that you can still feel it after your eyes are closed. It’s the rarest type of novel that won’t only sink its teeth into you, it will leave you relishing the scar.”  —Todd Robinson, author of The Hard Bounce

“A twisted tour through the asylum that Jon Bassoff calls his mind. The Incurables is filled with the mad and desperate, but ultimately it’s the humanity that Bassoff finds in his broken characters that sets this novel apart. Don’t get me wrong though, The Incurables is certifiably insane—and I mean that in the best possible way.” —Johnny Shaw, Anthony Award-winning author of Big Maria

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Limited Hardcover




To celebrate the release of Jon Bassoff’s new novel, The Incurables, now through Halloween you can pick up the Kindle edition of his first DarkFuse novel, The 2013 Readers Choice Award winner Corrosion, for only $0.99 US / £0.99 UK.


“Noir or horror, what can’t be argued is that this novel is a gripping psychological thriller, the pitch perfect rendition of the story of a psychotic personality, one where the words burn off the page and the reader can feel sympathy for the monster, even as we are horrified by what he does…One of the best books of the year.” —Black Static

“Bassoff’s mind is a creative and fertile ground for the dark and strangely haunting. You’ve been warned!” —Tome Tender 

Corrosion is scary as hell not just for its terrifying story but for the disturbing thoughts and questions that it plants in the minds of its readers.”—Examiner
“Sharp, original, fierce, a real gut-ripper. Corrosion is one of the most startlingly original and unsettling novels I’ve read in ages. It ramps your pulse, it claws at your sweet spot. Bassoff has a career ahead of him brightly lit by a very bad star.” —Tom Piccirilli, author of Edgar Award-nominated novel The Cold Spot 
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incurablesAll 52 copies of Jon Bassoff’s The Incurables have now sold through our shopfront.  Even though the limited edition is gone, please look out for paperback and Kindle editions coming soon!

Thanks to all the collectors for making this another quick sellout!


William Meikle & Joe Hart Limited Preorders

Two new additions to DarkFuse’s mini-hardcover novella book series are now up for preorder.  Both are available as 100-copy limited edition productions, signed and numbered by the authors.

Click on the covers below to order…

pentacle   leave_the_living


THE INCURABLES by Jon Bassoff Signature Series HC Preorder


15 copies of Jon Bassoff’s new novel The Incurables are available to the general public to preorder now.  This is a 52-copy limited edition hardcover run with wraparound DJ, signed and numbered with special foil stamp signature on the cover with art.

Kindle and paperback editions will be released later this month.  But get the rare collectible edition now before they’re completely reserved!




Michael McBride returns with a follow-up to his popular and bestselling novella Snowblind with Snowblind II: The Killing Grounds now available on Kindle.


There are some places man was never meant to go.

For the past seven years, John Avery has been combing the wilderness for any sign of his missing girlfriend, who set out upon the ski trip of a lifetime and was never seen again.

Regions utterly isolated by geography and time.

The discovery of a video camera prompts Sheriff Wayne Dayton to dispatch a search party into one of the most remote areas of the Rockies in hopes of learning her fate.

Where few species can survive.

When a freak blizzard strikes, they find themselves wandering blindly into the killing grounds of a predator they can’t even see.

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The limited hardcover will be available to preorder on 11/17/15.


Limited Hardcover Production Updates

devils_breath tenebris

Here is a tentative list of when limited edition hardcovers will be shipping and up for preorder, so it’ll give collectors an idea of how our new production schedule is looking for the remainder of the year:

Currently In Production:

DarkFuse #3 (Estimated Ship Date: 10/15/15)
Devil’s Breath (Estimated Ship Date: 11/15/15)
Tenebris (Estimated Ship Date: 11/15/15)

Scheduled for Preorder:

Available to Order on Tuesday 10/13/15

The Incurables by Jon Bassoff $99 (Novel, 52-copy Signature Series)
Leave the Living by Joe Hart $25 (Novella, 100-copy mini-hc)
Pentacle by William Meikle $25 (Novella, 100-copy mini-hc)

Available to Order on Tuesday 11/17/15

Nausea by Ed Kurtz $99 (Novel, 52-copy Signature Series)
After the Fog Clears by Lee Thompson $99 (Novel, 52-copy Signature Series)
Snowblind II: The Killing Grounds by Michael McBride $25 (Novella, 100-copy mini-hc)

Available to Order on Tuesday 12/15/15

Eat the Night by Tim Waggoner $99 (Novel, 52-copy Signature Series)
Babylon Terminal by Greg F. Gifune $99 (Novel, 52-copy Signature Series)


DarkFuse’s new production cycle is aiming to eventually get limited edition hardcovers in the hands of collectors 2-3 months before any other edition is released. You’ll see us working up to that this fall and by the time 2016 rolls around, your collectibles will be landing in your mailbox well in advance before anyone else gets these.

Thanks for your patience over the past summer when we’ve been retooling our company. Exciting things to come!


PENTACLE by William Meikle Now Available


There are houses like this all over the world. Most people only know of them from whispered stories over campfires; tall tales told to scare the unwary. But some—those who suffer—know better. They are drawn to these places to ease their pain. If you have the will, the fortitude, you can peer into another life, where the dead are not gone, where your love might live forever.

But that’s not the case for the residents of the Edinburgh house, for something has disturbed the quiet reflection in that old building. A creature has slipped through, sniffling and snuffling in all the dark places, disrupting the balance of time and space.

And it’s John’s job to fix it…by any means necessary.

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