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Preorder June 2015 Titles Now

Get your preorders in for DarkFuse’s June 2015 titles and get a nice discount off the cover prices.


Chet is a shape-shifter who uses his abilities to burglarize homes…

Hannah is a young girl with strange influences over inanimate objects…

Father and daughter, these supernatural misfits are bound by blood, their unfolding stories separated by time. While Chet follows a grim path, Hannah stands on the fragile precipice of hope: her mother’s faltering happiness with a kind man…the chance at a new family and a stable household…and the promise of freedom from the shadows cast by her father’s misdeeds.

But past and present are ready to collide, ushering hell home.

From Peter Giglio, author of Lesser Creatures and When We Fall, comes Shadowshift, a relentless supernatural thriller that will haunt readers long into the night.

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SkinshiftBeaten and left for dead by his two partners after a botched robbery, Dominic Donato wants revenge so badly he can taste it. First he must survive—alone—in a remote part of the unforgiving Mojave Desert with nothing more than the clothes on his back.

But a life-or-death encounter with a wild coyote reveals to Dominic the true secret of survival, and he will use that knowledge to make his partners pay, along with anyone else who crosses his path.

Soon Dominic will unleash his newfound power on the world, and nothing will quench his thirst for revenge.

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Cold As HellIt’s days before Christmas and the Craig family are out for their final shopping trip. When the kids pile into an electric kiddie train, the family continues to shop and await their return.

“Things are not what they seem,” the uncle warns them.

As time goes by, the kids don’t return. Now the uncle is missing. And no one’s heard of the electric kiddie train prowling the sidewalks and streets of the trendy lifestyle center in the brutal cold.

The night will only get darker and colder and more terrifying for the Craig family as the desperate search for the missing family members begin.

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THE DUNFIELD TERROR by William Meikle Now Available

William Meikle’s latest novel has been released by DarkFuse and is now available in both Kindle and paperback editions…

The Dunfield Terror

It starts with a strange glowing fog that arrives at the height of a snowstorm.

A terror from the past has returned, bringing with it death and destruction that threatens to overrun the town. The old stories tell of a post-war experiment gone wrong, one that opened the way for the fog—or whatever was behind it—to begin its reign of terror.

A small team of workmen are the last hope to keep their town alive through the long, storm-filled night. But the many horrors that await them are beyond anyone’s worst nightmares.


“Scary, slimy fun with just enough gross out factor to make the reader queasy but not so much as to become gratuitous. This is just a very good horror novel.” —Examiner

“This novel would have made a classic spine chiller of a movie for Hammer Films.” —Reclusive Reads

“What a chilling, terrifying read this was!” —Cat After Dark

“For the Lovecraft fan and the Chuthlu Mythos enthusiasts, this is a must read but it is also essential for those who want to read the best in contemporary horror.” —The Novel Pursuit

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New Curran, Saunders & Scully Limited Hardcovers

Doll Face

DarkFuse has only a handful of this past month’s limited hardcovers left and available to the general public, so grab your copy before they’re sold out! All three were produced in 100-copy print runs.

Doll Face by Tim Curran

Flesh and Coin by Craig Saunders

The Eye That Blinds by B. E. Scully


DarkFuse Bestsellers: March 30-April 5, 2015


2012 DarkFuse Titles Reduced

Night of the Wendigo   The Hoard

You can now purchase Kindle editions of any of DarkFuse’s 2012 releases for $2.99 per novel and $0.99 per novella.  Here’s is the complete list of 2012 titles:

Get them all while they’re still on sale and available!


DarkFuse Bestsellers: March 23-29, 2015


New Limited Hardcovers In Stock

DarkFuse just added 2 limited edition hardcovers to the online shop, both print runs only 100 copies each.

Masters of Blood and Bone

Holland’s a man who’s good with death. Good at death.

When his daughter goes missing, he finds himself pitted in a deadly game against the Gods themselves. Powerful enemies surround him—a changeling, a mage, and a god who wants to destroy the world.

With silver bullets in his gun and death on his mind, Holland aims to set things right…or die trying.

For the captors of Holland’s daughter, death is not only on it’s way, it’s in their very possession as Holland’s daughter isn’t just a girl…in fact, she’s barely mortal at all…

She’s Ankou, Death’s daughter, and she’s not an easy mark.

The battleground has been set, the world’s at stake, and all Hell is about the break loose.

Masters of Blood and Bone is an epic clash between good and evil, life versus death, Gods against mortals, a timeless story of power and corruption and one man’s pursuit to protect what he loves at any cost.


The Hallow

When James and his roommate Vance stumble home drunk, they find a young woman lying on their couch. Without a word, she walks into James’s room, lies down on his bed, and dies. After that, nothing is the same.

The streets, James discovers on his walks to and from the grocery store, are forlorn and empty.

His roommate, despite his loud and reckless nature, begins spending an unusual amount of time in his room with the door locked, strange shuffling sounds coming from within.

And his new girlfriend, the cute and free-spirited Allie, may know more about what’s happening than she lets on, and she’s about to take James on a surreal, drug-fueled journey to see the Hallow…and the horrors it has unleashed…



DarkFuse Bestsellers: March 16-22, 2015


New This Week: THE EYE THAT BLINDS by B. E. Scully

The Eye That Blinds

The Internet—it’s everywhere and nowhere, full of everybody and nobody. And sometimes, it’s downright deadly.

When three college friends graduate with plans to conquer the world, they find out that the world has its own plans to conquer them. As their supposed “real” lives spiral further out of control, they retreat into the one place where they still reign—the online kingdom of fantasy and masquerade.

But after a seemingly random accident puts a pair of old-school detectives on their trail, the trio’s tangled web of lies and deception threatens to unravel into consequences more real than any of them could have imagined.

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DarkFuse Bestsellers: March 9-15, 2015