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DarkFuse Bestsellers: March 16-22, 2015


New This Week: THE EYE THAT BLINDS by B. E. Scully

The Eye That Blinds

The Internet—it’s everywhere and nowhere, full of everybody and nobody. And sometimes, it’s downright deadly.

When three college friends graduate with plans to conquer the world, they find out that the world has its own plans to conquer them. As their supposed “real” lives spiral further out of control, they retreat into the one place where they still reign—the online kingdom of fantasy and masquerade.

But after a seemingly random accident puts a pair of old-school detectives on their trail, the trio’s tangled web of lies and deception threatens to unravel into consequences more real than any of them could have imagined.

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DarkFuse Bestsellers: March 9-15, 2015


DarkFuse Celebrates 100th Release: FLESH AND COIN by Craig Saunders

DarkFuse’s 100th title has just been released!

Flesh and Coin

For some, dying is easy. For others, dying is their only hope.

Charlie Dawes lies in the Old Oak Hospice haunted by the looming specter of death, plagued by dark memories, stalked by a mysterious, faceless creature he knows only as the Shadowman, who won’t let him die…yet.

Cathy Redman, his only friend and a caretaker in the ward, spends her time reading to Charlie and comforting his pain. She thinks she knows him.

But when an inquisitive detective, a spiteful nurse, and a dangerous old Gypsy’s lives intertwine, Charlie’s true fate is revealed, and it has been sealed by…flesh and coin.

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2014 Readers’ Choice Awards Announced

We’re excited to announce the 2014 DarkFuse Readers’ Choice Award Winners.

The DarkFuse Readers Choice Award is voted on exclusively by book club members. This is a truly unique award not governed by a panel, fueled by a social popularity campaign or lobbied for by the authors.  It is voted on by those who matter most, which are the readers.

Each quarter every book club member receives an e-ballot to vote on which book they felt was superior that quarter as judged by the quality of the fiction. The winners of all 4 quarters are then added to a final ballot which is again sent to all book club members.

The DarkFuse book club has spoken and here are the 2014 winners:



When U.S. Border Patrol Agent Christian Rivera discovers the body of an undocumented alien in the middle of the vast Sonoran Desert with three enigmatic words carved into her flesh, presumably by her own hand, it triggers a frantic search for the remainder of her party, a group of twenty-five men and women who have inexplicably vanished into the desert.

Aided by two of the agency’s best trackers, Rivera follows the woman’s trail into the brutal heart of one of the hottest and most unforgiving landscapes on the planet, where nothing can survive for long. As more bodies turn up, Rivera and the others begin to realize they may be up against an enemy far deadlier than the desert, an unseen adversary that will stop at nothing to take from them what it needs to survive. A mythical evil that may not be myth at all, but horrifically real, could very well be stalking them, and their only hope of surviving the same fate that befell the missing party lies in deciphering the clues to their disappearance before it’s too late. If it isn’t already…

From Michael McBride, bestselling author of Burial Ground and Snowblind, comes Sunblind, a thrilling new novel of terror and action that will take you on an unforgettable journey from the desperate streets of Mexico, through the deadliest corridor in the world, to a place where mankind was never meant to tread.

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Oasis of the Damned

When her helicopter crashes in the middle of the Sahara, Heather Richter, a former Army Captain and veteran of the Iraq War, finds herself at an abandoned WWII military outpost in one of the harshest and deadliest deserts on Earth. But she soon realizes there is another victim of the desert in this empty expanse of endless sand. Owens, a victim of an earlier plane crash, is there as well. An enigmatic and brooding man, he knows the secrets of the outpost, that it was actually built on top of an oasis and a natural well, the only thing that’s kept him alive. But he also knows the darker secrets of this strange and forgotten patch of desert hell.

He and Richter are not alone. And the cruel terrain and relentless sun are the least of their worries, because inhuman things haunt the outpost, hideous and violent things that only come at night. Ancient, evil creatures hungry for human flesh, and no matter how many Richter and Owens kill, they just keep coming.

With little hope of rescue, and tortured by her horrific experiences in Iraq years before, as well as the untimely and tragic death of her younger brother, Richter struggles to maintain her sanity amidst the brutal attacks that occur each time night falls, all the while trying to figure out if Owens is truly what he claims, or something more.

Is anything as it seems, or is there something more profound happening, a shocking wound bleeding deeper than the ancient sands, the dark desert nights and the blistering sun?

Two lost souls…a forgotten outpost in a haunted desert…vicious creatures bent on destruction…

The brutal fight for survival has begun.

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Congratulations to both Michael McBride and Greg F. Gifune and a big thank you goes to all of our book club members!

For more information on DarkFuse’s Readers’ Choice Awards, click HERE.


DarkFuse Bestsellers: March 2-8, 2015


May 2015 Preorders

DarkFuse’s May 2015 titles are now available to preorder…


Something’s wrong in the eclectic mountain town of Mesa Rapids. Something’s always been wrong. Sometimes its citizens behave in strange ways—sometimes to the point of violence…

When the wealthy and enigmatic art collector Harold Klimt moves into the long dilapidated house known as the Upshaw Mansion, most don’t think twice about it. But when Mr. Klimt begins to throw lavish parties for the town’s elite, Colin Thorne—a young, aspiring artist still grieving over the recent death of his childhood friend—sneaks inside the house to explore, suspicious something’s wrong.

What he finds are the buried secrets of a town with a troubled history and something else…a plane of horror so vast that it threatens to alter reality.

Soon after that, Mr. Klimt offers Colin a job—painting a mural in the basement of the Upshaw Mansion. As Colin becomes more and more obsessed with the dark vision he is creating, the horror begins to bubble to the surface of not only his psyche, but the entire town.

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Midnight OrderTHE MIDNIGHT ORDER by Christopher Fulbright

To say ex-porn star Nikki Lane has led a troubled life is putting it mildly. She’s abused every human vice from here to Hell and back again—she’s given herself to men, alcohol, drugs and pain. But now she’s ready to face her demons, to snatch her life back from the dark pit of depravity.

Looking for a place to get away from it all, Nikki seeks the advice of an old friend who belongs to an exclusive group of recovering individuals called the Midnight Order, who promise to siphon the evil from her very soul in a remote castle on the East Coast.

But at nightfall, the paradise transforms into a bleak fortress of horror when the Order convenes its secret cleansing ceremonies. And the chilling price is more than Nikki’s willing to give as she’s forced to face her greatest demon yet.

What stalks the halls of the castle, the cliffs of the island, and the shores of the beach? What cruel payment is demanded from…the Midnight Order?

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With Fury In HandWITH FURY IN HAND by Lee Thompson

Over the next seventeen hours, on the unforgiving streets of Flint, Michigan, five people with troubled pasts and uncertain futures will collide in a devastating chain of intertwining events.

Through the eyes of a homeless orphan, a banking executive with disturbing fantasies, an adulterous wife, a young prostitute with a stash of money, and a man trying to leave his criminal days behind, you will witness their pain and feel their loss.

Redemption requires forgiveness, but fury serves no master.

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DOLL FACE by Tim Curran Released

Doll Face

Six friends are returning home from a night out when they end up in a town called Stokes. They discover they are trapped there, as Stokes does not really exist. The actual town had burned to the ground more than fifty years ago. The Stokes they are in is a nightmare version of the former town, engineered by a deranged and undead mind, a supernatural machine of wrath that will destroy them one by one….unless they submit to its dominance and become living dolls.

“A wildly imaginative book” —Horror After Dark

“This novel is strangeness to the maximum.” —Examiner

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Also available in paperback!


DarkFuse Bestsellers: February 23-March 1, 2015


DarkFuse Founder Discusses Success In Publishing + Another Milestone

DarkFuse founder Shane Staley has posted an article on his personal creative website, Dismantled Muse, about DarkFuse’s 100th title as well as sharing his blueprint for success in both life and publishing.


As most of us know in the DarkFuse community, Staley has remained mostly out of the public eye for the past several years as his focus was on building the company.  So this introspective article may be of interest and relevance to both DarkFuse readers and others interested in the business of publishing.

You can read the full article at:

You can also follow Staley on Twitter: @DismantledMuse