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Preorder DEADLOCK by Tim Curran

Coming May 27, 2014 is the latest novella from Tim Curran.  It’s now available to preorder in both Kindle edition and limited hardcover. Discounts are offered on all DarkFuse titles being preordered.  On the day of release, the prices increase!


Charlie Petty is a man known for having ice water in this veins. He never backs down and is never shaken but unfortunately stirred up into the wrong crowd. As a degenerate gambler, his luck has run out and his debt has now come due.

Charlie is offered a chance to clear his tab: simply stay alone on a ship overnight to prove to its owner and potential crew that it’s not cursed nor haunted. Never mind the ship’s history of suicide, violence, mutiny and murder. Or how the ship’s past crews have gone missing or insane. The fact that no one has set foot on deck in darkness for years doesn’t phase Charlie one bit. It sounds like easy money to bust up a superstition or two.

Charlie thinks his luck is returning. Little does he know it’s about to run out completely.

Preorder & Save: Limited HC | Kindle eBook


DarkFuse #1 Now Available

DarkFuse #1

The premier volume of DarkFuse’s anthology series is now available in both Kindle eBook and trade hardcover.

Features 6 original tales of dark fiction:

  1. “She Sleeps in the Depths” by William Meikle
  2. “Better Heard and Not Seen” by Michael Penkas
  3. “Carrion Fowl” by William R. Eakin
  4. “Jaws of Life” by E. G. Smith
  5. “Netherview” by Gary McMahon
  6. “Children of the Horned God” by Christopher Fulbright

Purchase now: Kindle | Limited HC


DarkFuse Novella Sale: 6 For 99 Cents Each

Beginning today through March 30, 2014 (11 AM EST), six DarkFuse Kindle novellas are on sale for 99 cents each (regularly priced at $2.99).  Grab the following for less than a buck…

CLOCKWORK DOLLS by William Meikle

Clockwork DollsDoes all human passion, all memory, all imagination come merely from the chemistry in our brains, like the movements of a clock follow from the arrangement of its cogs and wheels?

Are we just clockwork dolls?

Or is there an organizing principle at work, something we can ask for answers to the important questions of existence… something that might answer?

Dave Burns has asked.

Now he, and his friends, might not live long enough to understand the reply.

“Undeniably a brilliantly written story which offers plenty of rewards for those game enough to read it.” —Fantasy Book Review

“Full of strong and well written characters, an ever building sense of dread, topped off with a satisfying conclusion. This novella hits the mark perfectly.” —Ginger Nuts of Horror

“I never thought that such a short novel could have such a huge impact, not only on my emotions but also on my ideas of God, the Universe and Fate. This is a thought provoker if ever there was one…It’s totally mind blowing.” —Magic of Reading

“It’s a novella that takes a piece of metaphysics and turns it into a monster. Keep your Secret, gurus. William Meikle has the cure for what ails me. —Wag the Fox

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FEVERED HILLS by Keith Deininger

Fevered HillsMartin is disturbed. After a nightmare trek through a degenerate and war-torn landscape, the sixteen-year-old soldier returns home, eager to reconnect with his parents, only to discover his house abandoned; the garden overgrown; the livestock dead in their pens. To escape reality, he paints, becomes absorbed in his art. He is alone, until his art begins to talk back.

You let her die…

Now the soldiers are coming. The War won’t let him escape. And soon he will meet two very unique individuals who will offer to share their personal sanctuary with him: Elizabeth, a mysterious woman whose foul-smelling medicines help heal him, and Richter, the hulking, former philosophy professor who wants to kill him.

You have The Fever…

But as Martin learns of the true horror he now faces, he begins to understand the shadowy underworld he has fallen into might be a shattered reflection of his own mind. When he closes his eyes, all he can see are Fevered Hills…

“I recommend Fevered Hills to all readers of horror who enjoy very well written and thought provoking fiction.”—Horror World

“[Deininger's] writing style…resembles Margaret Atwood and Joyce Carol Oates. It brings to mind The Road and Slaughterhouse-Five.”—The Black Abyss
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AMONG PREY by Alan Ryker

Among PreyFor Amber, helping children build custom dolls isn’t exactly her dream job, especially when business is so slow. But when 7-foot-inch, 400-pound childlike Bobby Milton walks into the store one day with his caretaker, things around LYLAS Dolls start to get interesting.

Bobby comes back every week to make a new doll, but each time he leaves, he takes something from the store…something that points to his involvement in a string of child disappearances.

Is Bobby as innocent as he seems, or is he a wolf among sheep? A predator…

…Among Prey.

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Stalking You NowThe reprehensible man sits in the restaurant. Laughing with his friends. Entertaining them with a story about his wretched behavior.

He doesn’t know that somebody at another table is watching him. Somebody filled with hatred. Somebody waiting for him to be alone. Somebody with duct tape and a gun.

It’s a night for vengeance. And a hell of a lot more.

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CHILDREN OF NO ONE by Nicole Cushing

Children of No OneSadism, nihilism, poverty, wealth, screams, whimpers, sanity and madness collide in Nowhere, Indiana.

For Thomas Krieg, Nowhere is a miles-long, pitch-black underground maze in which he’s imprisoned dozens of boys for the past ten years—all in the name of art.

For two brothers, Nowhere is the only place they clearly remember living. A world unto itself, in which they must stay alert to stay alive. A world from which the only escape is death.

But for an English occultist known only as Mr. No One, Nowhere is much more…and much less: the perfect place in which to perform a ritual to unleash the grandest of eldritch deities, the God of Nothingness, the Great Dark Mouth.

Children of No One is a wonderfully dark blend of psychological and cosmic horror. Inventive, surreal, and bleak as hell. With this novella, Nicole Cushing joins the ranks of must-read horror authors, and I can’t wait to see what twisted turns her imagination takes next.” —Tim Waggoner, author Like Death and The Harmony Society

“Nicole Cushing has given us a debut novella that is far beyond what a debut should be…If you read one debut this year, this should be the one you read.”—Peter Schwotzer, Literary Mayhem

“This is an excellent mix of psychological and cosmic horror…a fantastic new take on the genre.” —Jim McLeod, Ginger Nuts of Horror

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EmergencceFollowing the death of his wife, Jack lives alone on the northeast coast of England. But this year, something worse than isolation and loneliness stalk the bay in front of his home.

When his grandson Paul comes to stay, they find intricately crafted cones of sand jutting from the beach, and a tautness in the air affecting their sleep patterns.

And then something else arrives…something that may want to trouble much more than their dreams.

EMERGENCE…they’re closer than we fear.

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SNOWBLIND by Michael McBride Reissued

One of the bestselling Delirium Books’ novellas of all time has been reissued by DarkFuse as a Kindle eBook.  Snowblind by Michael McBride, the winner of the 2012 DarkFuse Readers Choice Award, is now available through DarkFuse in a new Kindle edition.


They come at night.


A stranger staggers out of the wilderness under the cover of a blizzard and stumbles into a diner full of people. He collapses in the entryway, unzips his jacket, and allows the object hidden inside to fall out. Screaming commences.


Four old college buddies embark upon their annual elk hunting trip into the Rocky Mountains. This promises to be their last, for the passage of time is as merciless and unpredictable as the Colorado weather. And they’re not alone.


There are other hunters in the mountains, stalking game of a different breed. They know exactly what they’re doing, because they’ve been hunting in these woods for a long, long time. And no one ever survives to betray their existence.



“After reading (and reviewing) horror fiction for decades I’m not easily frightened, believe me, but this is a book apt to scare even people with steel nerves.” —Hellnotes

“Snowblind is a suspenseful, creepy, gory ride that grabs you from the very first page and doesn’t let you breathe until the last.” —Horror Drive-In

“Grab a blanket, turn down the lights, and prepare to be scared.”—Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile


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DarkFuse Bestsellers: March 17-23, 2014


DARKFUSE #1 Hardcover Shipping, Last Chance At $13

We just received hardcover copies of the premier volume of DarkFuse’s anthology series and have shipped out all preorders.

DarkFuse #1

This is an unsigned mini-hardcover production, extremely unique with wraparound cover.  You can choose to have this signed and inscribed by the editor for no additional charge.  Collect the complete series!

Order now until Tuesday (its official release date) and you’ll get the hardcover for only $13!

Check out the table of contents:
  1. “She Sleeps in the Depths” by William Meikle
  2. “Better Heard and Not Seen” by Michael Penkas
  3. “Carrion Fowl” by William R. Eakin
  4. “Jaws of Life” by E. G. Smith
  5. “Netherview” by Gary McMahon
  6. “Children of the Horned God” by Christopher Fulbright




Tim Waggoner’s BROKEN SHADOWS Reissued

Now available from DarkFuse is Tim Waggoner’s 2010 collection Broken Shadows.  The DarkFuse edition features a slightly revised cover and a better eBook layout.

Broken Shadows

Fissures appear in the darkness. Shadows break, collapse, and crumble away to nothing, revealing that they are far more than the mere absence of light.

Shadows are our friends. Shadows protect us.

Because what lies behind the darkness is so much worse…

Fourteen stories by the author of Like DeathPandora Drive, and Darkness Wakes.

Stories include:

  1. When God Opens a Door
  2. Zombie Dreams
  3. Portrait of a Horror Writer
  4. Waters Dark and Deep
  5. Met a Pilgrim Shadow
  6. Open House
  7. Extern
  8. ’Til Voices Drown Us
  9. Knock, Knock
  10. Outside the Lines
  11. Provider
  12. Broken Glass and Gasoline
  13. The Tongue is the Sweetest Meat
  14. Ghost in the Graveyard

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RED CELLS by Jeffrey Thomas Released

The next installment of work in Jeffrey Thomas’s critically acclaimed Punktown universe has landed and now available to download via Kindle, or you can pick up one of 6 copies remaining of the limited edition hardcover HERE.

Red Cells

Private detective and mutant shapeshifter Jeremy Stake (hero of the novels Deadstock and Blue War) has fallen on hard times in the far-future city of Punktown. When he is offered an opportunity to masquerade as another man to do his prison sentence for him, Stake agrees, but this is a new type of penitentiary—existing in its own pocket universe.

In this isolated prison, a series of gruesome murders have occurred, and the inmates soon force Stake to investigate. Can Stake catch a killer that might not even be human, without becoming just another victim?

“A tightly written story that blends science fiction and horror together to create something unique…a strong addition to the Punktown universe.” —Josef Hernandez, Examiner

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DarkFuse Signs Lisa von Biela to 3-Year Deal

Lisa von BielaDarkFuse is thrilled to announce that Lisa von Biela has signed a 3-year deal with us.  Lisa is the author of the DarkFuse novels The Genesis Code and The Janus Legacy.  Forthcoming, she has a novella (Ash and Bone) as well as a new novel (Blockbuster) scheduled for publication through DarkFuse.  In addition to the above, the book contract will bring about 3 new novels to DarkFuse.

Lisa von Biela worked in Information Technology for 25 years, and still claims there is no application she cannot break in testing. She left the field to attend the University of Minnesota Law School, graduating magna cum laude in 2009. She now practices law in Seattle, Washington. One of her legal articles, a research piece published in the Food and Drug Law Journal, was cited in an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court. She currently serves on the editorial board of the American Bar Association’s quarterly publication, The SciTech Lawyer.

After placing 37th in the Personal Essay category of the 1999 Writer’s Digest contest, Lisa began to write short, dark fiction. Her first publication was in The Edge in 2002. She went on to publish a number of short works in various small press venues, including, Twilight TimesDark AnimusAfterburnSF, and more.

Check out Lisa’s DarkFuse page HERE.


ASH AND BONE by Lisa von Biela (Kindle eBook)   THE GENESIS CODE by Lisa von Biela (Kindle eBook)   THE JANUS LEGACY by Lisa von Biela (Kindle eBook)


Tim Waggoner’s THE MEN UPSTAIRS Reissued

DarkFuse has reissued Tim Waggoner’s 2011 novella The Men Upstairs in Kindle eBook.  His next novella, The Last Mile, will be released by DarkFuse in October 2014.  Stay tuned for more information on that as well as a new novel announcement.

The Men Upstairs

He finds her crying in the lobby of a movie theater and takes her home to his apartment, a strange, beautiful woman with no last name, a mysterious past, and a powerful sexual allure. He wants her, and she wants him. There’s only one problem: the Men Upstairs. She used to belong to them—and they’ll do anything to get her back.

“Waggoner delivers a tale of cosmic and body horror at its most disturbing. The Men Upstairs is a fascinating study of the ancient tension between repulsion and desire.” – Laird Barron, author of Occultation

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